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Effective techniques that will help you give engaging presentations and feel more confident when speaking in public.

Imagine yourself communicating clearly and convincingly, whether it’s during a speech, media interview, or at an important board meeting. Your body language, face and voice are all working together seamlessly, creating an engaging presentation that makes everyone in the room want to listen.

Presentation techniques from A to Z

Get a presentation techniques course where you work with a variety of skills needed for good public speaking, including voice training, articulation and body language. The course covers:

  • Body language that conveys friendly authority
  • A strong, engaging gaze
  • Systematic voice training
  • Breathing exercises that help support your voice
  • Mental training that calms nerves and strengthens confidence

With this personalised course, you will receive effective methods to gain control of your thoughts and manage your nerves before presenting in front of your boss, colleagues or a large audience. You will be guided step by step and introduced to concrete tools that can help you eliminate inner critics and avoid racing thoughts taking over.

In other words, you will receive the best techniques that professional performers themselves use, which are proven to increase confidence and personal impact when speaking in public.

Who is the course for?

This course is developed for people that give presentations, negotiate or speak at conferences of all sizes as part of their job.

How does it work?

The course takes place in a 1:1 setting, so there is 100% focus on your progression as a public speaker. 

Length: 5 hours divided into 5-6 sessions

Price: 5000 kr + VAT for companys

Location: At my office in Brede, Granparken 63, 2800 Lyngby or at your workplace.

Time and transportation costs will be added to courses held outside my office..

Ulla Munch has specialised in performance and presentation techniques for over 25 years. In this course she will introduce you to simple, effective techniques that are proven to calm nerves and increase confidence when speaking in public.

Call +45 2757 1259 to learn more or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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