Public Speaking

Clearly and effectively

Gain physical and mental calmness before speaking in front of others – whether it’s a PowerPoint, meeting or conference presentation!

      • Do you have a tough time speaking in front of others?

      • Do you have valuable knowledge that you would like to convey?

      • Do you dream of speaking in public with a surplus of energy?

Personal impact and physical and mental calmness are skills you can practice. Learn how to create a surplus of both physical and mental energy before a big presentation with the help of mental training and breathing exercises. These techniques will help calm your nerves and focus your thoughts.

With this personalised course, you will receive effective methods to gain control of your thoughts and manage your nerves before presenting in front of your boss, colleagues or a large audience. You will be guided step by step and introduced to concrete tools that can help you eliminate inner critics and avoid racing thoughts taking over.

Learn to communicate clearly and effectively

In this 1:1 course, you will gain control of all of the aspects of a performance. You will practice skills that help increase self-confidence and keep you calm ahead of a presentation.

We will continually integrate techniques that are proven to strengthen personal impact and mental robustness. Techniques that are grounded in the latest academic research and put together based on my experience as a professional singer, performer and mental trainer. The course will be completely customised to your needs and together we’ll find out exactly what can make a difference for you and strengthen your performance.

Get a professional performers best techniques

You will work with:

      • Body language that conveys friendly authority
      • Voice training
      • Breathing exercises that calm nerves
      • Eliminating inner critics

      • Mental training in the form of visualization, that prepares you mentally to perform

You will be working with specially developed audio files that build up your mental strength parallel to working with body language.

Now I look forward to meetings

“After a short but very intense course with Ulla, where I learned how to manage my nerves and lead meetings for my employees in Sweden, I now feel I have inner peace and have much more of an impact at my meetings. I feel in control of the meetings, leading them confidently, answering questions calmly and beginning and ending them properly within the allotted time. I may as well admit it: I actually look forward to the meetings now!

So if you’re a slightly introverted leader like me, then don’t be afraid to come to Ulla Munch.”

– H.H., Chief engineer at a large international company

Who can benefit from the course?

Anyone that represents their company at conferences or presents in front of colleagues, management or business partners. I work with a 360° performance-check, so you get the most out of the course.

The course: 5 hours of one on one coaching, starting with a 1 hour introductory session. After that the course will be divided into 5-6 sessions. All courses are customised to suit individual needs and you should allow for time to practice outside of the sessions.

Price: 4900 kr + vat for companys

Location: At my office in Brede, Granparken 63, 2800 Lyngby or at your workplace.

Time and transportation costs will be added to courses held outside my office..

You’re welcome to call +45 2757 1259 to hear more about the course and how we can customise it to fit your needs.

Or send an email to:

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