About Ulla Munch

I am a classical singer and have more than 25 years experience as a professional performer. In my company, Ulla Munch – Performance, I help professionals strengthen their personal performance skills by focusing on their mental strength and voice. In other words, as a mentor, consultant, mental trainer, teacher and public speaker, I help people bridge the gap from preparation to performance.

With support from the Danish Art Foundation, I have developed new teaching materials for mental training aimed at reducing stress in professional musicians and artists as being calm, focused and present is key when performing at auditions concerts and shows.

My life as an opera soloist and chamber musician has given me a wide array of concrete, practical and useful tools that I use every day to help people in all professions perform with confidence.

Music has brought me around the world, performing at concerts and festivals across Europe, the U.S., Japan, Australia, Pakistan, Brazil and Russia. For many years I was a part of the DR Vocal Ensemble – an elite ensemble made up of 18 singers. I have also been part of numerous television and CD productions with the DR Vocal Ensemble, the DR Concert Choir, the DR Symphony Orchestra, Ars Nova Copenhagen and with my own chamber music ensembles.

I have a certificate in Leadership Practice, Strategic Communication and Sales Psychology, an MA from the University of Copenhagen and was trained at the Danish National Academy of Music as a classical singer and educator.


Ulla Munch - Performance

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