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Have you ever thought about training your voice?

Your voice is one of the most important factors in making a good impression, especially when speaking in public. When you speak with a pleasant, enthusiastic and clear voice, your audience is much more likely to engage with what you’re saying and listen to you. This is why voice training is an essential part of presentation technique.

In this 1:1 voice-training course, there is 100% focus on how you can strengthen your voice. You will be trained in a comprehensive array of techniques, including:

  • Systematic voice training, so your voice becomes strong and resonant
  • Articulation, so you’ll be heard in large gatherings
  • Breathing exercises that support your voice
  • Body language that conveys friendly authority
  • Breathing exercises that calm nerves and anxiety

Be heard – become a confident public speaker

During the course, you will work with simple techniques that strengthen and develop your voice. The aim is to train your voice to support and highlight your main messages, rather than detract from them.

You will work systematically with breathing exercises, vocal exercises and articulation so you become confident in using your voice in professional settings. In between sessions you will be able to practice the different techniques and implement them in your everyday life.

The body and voice are intricately connected, so you will also work with posture and body language. Many believe that people mainly judge others based on body language but the voice is in fact just as important. It is noticed within seconds and plays a crucial role in any human interaction.

The course therefore provides insight into how you can use both your voice and body language to increase personal impact.

As an extra bonus, you will find that you can use the breathing exercises in your everyday life when you need to calm nerves and anxiety before a presentation or performance.

Who can benefit from voice training?

  • Leaders, advisors and employees that need to be able to speak clearly in front of others
  • Business professionals that need to be able to lead discussions in large groups
  • Anybody that would like to take control of their voice, body and nerves before an important presentation

The course:

5 hours of one on one teaching where you’re continuously introduced to techniques that are proven to strengthen your voice. All courses are adapted to individual needs. Time and transportation costs will be added to courses held outside of Emdrup.

Location: At my office in Emdrup (Northern Copenhagen) or at your workplace.

Ulla Munch has specialised in performance and presentation techniques for over 25 years. With a background as a professional singer, mental trainer and vocal coach, Ulla has bounds of theoretical insight and many years of teaching experience.

Call now and get a 15 minute guidance call for free: +45 2757 1259.

You’re welcome to call +45 2757 1259 to hear more about the course and how we can adapt it to your needs. Or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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